Cebu: “The Island Special”

Saturday–It’s my favorite Brat’s homecoming and as planned, we were to give her “The Island Special” and take her to places that she missed most about our hometown. First on the list had to be the Mactan Shrine Sutukil. The word Sutukil, is a concatenation of the local words Sugba (grill), Tinuwa (fresh fish stewed in clear broth), Kilaw (a dish of raw fish).





Following the sumptuous seafood delights we feasted on, we brainstormed on where we could just chill and have our weekend dose of sun, sea and sand far from the madding weekend crowd. Thanks to Aiys and her lightbulb moment, we set out for Lowaii Cebu Marine Beach Resort, which we unanimously thought was an excellent call.

Lowaii's porch

well, maintained beach front

A well-maintained beach front

Serene courtyards

My lovely wahines celebrating the Secret Sisterhood of Dysfunctionalism. Lol.

The Resort's Pool

We stayed until sundown by the patio of Baybayon, the resort’s in-house restaurant.

The restaurant staff are attentive and the restaurant itself is conducive to just chillin'.

Baybayon Restaurant's patio


Candle-lit tables @ dusk

 Finally,  we capped the night off singing in wild abandon at a karaoke joint in Mandaue.

Singing our worries away!

Sisig and Songs. A great combo I'd hafta say.

*thanks to for the drops

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