Gone Fishin’

I got my first fishing rod at the age of 14 as a present from my Dad. Since then, I’ve considered fishing as one of the best ways to spend a weekend over. I’ve been here more than once and each visit has always been a pleasant experience no matter if I was with my family or in the company of friends and after yesterday’s visit, I am convinced that this place deserves its own (long-overdue) post.


Co Jordan in Consolacion (almost close to Lilo-an which is approximately an hour’s drive away from Cebu City) is a sizable bangus (milkfish) pond and talaba (oyster) farm which has gone beyond conventional operations by converting the place into a leisure/seafood restaurant. You could rent makeshift fishing rods made of bamboo, complete with the line, floater and the hook for only Php10.00 then get bait made of feeds for another Php10.00.

So while your fresh seafood eats are being readied, you can either try your hand at fishing, do karaoke or go boating. It would be best to visit this place ready with spare clothes in case you get caught up in the fishing action which could get messy when you try to free your catch from the hook. It’s pretty safe to say you’ll be guaranteed at least one catch. It is a fish pond afterall. Lol. Which is also why you’re gonna need to pay for your catch when you bill out (The rate for bangus yesterday was Php160.00/kilo).

Co Jordan‘s sea food menu is quite extensive too and  reasonably-priced in comparison to the usual Sutukil rates so long as you have a group to share the budget with. I would peg an abundant meal at about Php300.00/pax.


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