The Gift of Cool


I love shoes, make-up and dressing up in all it’s glorious girly-ness.

At the same time, I can kick serious butts at the billiard hall (in stillettos too, mind you). I clean my own car when I can (I would fix it myself if I knew how to). I played Adidas Streetball in Dubai in 1999 and played lead guitars in high school. On some rare weekend, you can find me with a hammer and tell an allen key from an adjustable wrench.

Yet I can still talk Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins.

I guess that’s why most of my friends would say I’m a hybrid. A living paradox. An oxymoron personified (although they should consider the possibility that I may have lived as a man in my past life. lol! :)).

But I wouldn’t make it THAT complicated really.

The coolest things I know, were really either taught or inspired by the most unassuming Jack-of-all-Trades I’ve been honored to inherit the genes from and share the same lifetime with,

My Dad.

*images courtesy of Google

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