Horse Rides, Volcano Craters and some Pine Breeze

Location: Makati City, Tagaytay City, Batangas, Baguio City

March 2 – 6, 2011


Day 1:
– Getting picked up at the airport in a red topdown BMW. lol! (thanks Kuya Mark!)
– Wee Nam Kee @Ayala Triangle
– Greenhills
– CPK @ Greenbelt

Day 2: Tagaytay City/ Batangas
– People’s Park/Palace in the Sky
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
– Lunch @ Buon Giorno, Cliffhouse
Taal Volcano

Day 3:
– Star City
– I am Number 4 on IMAX, MOA

Day 4: Baguio City
(official anthem for the trip: We Like to Party by the Vengaboys. Courtesy of Mitch. LMAO!)
-Camp John Hay
– The Commissary (and spotting President Noynoy shopping in the area…)

– The PerfectEST Starbucks Experience
– Dinner (bagnets!) and beautiful music @ Forest House
– Midnight cruise around Teacher’s Camp, cemeteries
– RedLion and their peanut butter ribs

Day 5:
– Breakfast and loungin’ @ The Manor
– Giddy shopping @ Comissary
– Cafe by the Ruins
– Folk Dancing, bonding with animals and dinner @ Mother’s Garden

*Most pics taken with Bart’s G12

Countless thanks to Kuya Mark, Ate Jammy, Mitchie and my very own Brat. Great to have met Zanya, JR and Kikoy. To say that I had a FABULOUS time would be such a disgraceful understatement.

Yours Truly,
The Willing Kidnap Victim 🙂


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