Kalanggaman Island, Palompon Leyte

 The Great Summer Escape Part 2


On our second day on Malapascua, we hired a boat to take us to an island 2 hours away. Kalanggaman is more than an islet than an island–a sitio that belongs to Pamlompon, Leyte.

ImageWhen our boat slowed to halt by the edge of the shores, we had no words but only cries of awe. Kalanggaman is truly a sanctuary with seemingly-endless sandbars flanking each end. The beach is a long stretch of pristine, powdery white sand lapped up by gorgeous waters in gradients of blue.


 We paid about Php1500/pax for the trip back and forth inclusive of lunch and assistance by the boatman. Entrance Fee to the island is at Php150.00 for locals and Php500.00 for foreigners. Overnight camping can be done with tents since there are no establishments on the island. You should feel at ease staying on this island with Palompon’s government ensuring safety with a Police force stationed on the island 24/7.


I spent the day snorkeling and baking in the sun taking in the beautiful view and relaxing breeze. We didn’t want to spend the night in Kalanggaman with our accommodations back in Malapascua but we stayed almost until 4 in the afternoon. It’s not advisable to to sail back from the island past 3 or 4 pm as the seas could get very rough plus you’d want to have enough time to be off the waters before nightfall.


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