Soaked and Sunkissed in Scenic Zambales Pt. 2

May 22, 2011
D A Y  T W O

The Trek to Nagsasa Falls

I woke up to a misty and quiet cove on the beach by the remnants of last night’s campfire at about 5 am. On impulse, Jimmy and I decided to take an Aeta guide’s offer to pursue a trail leading to Nagsasa Falls. It was about an hour’s trek to the hidden gem on the island. As we prepared to leave, we were joined by Merci, Chas and Henry who became the sweeper and put his basic mountaineering skills to work.

The beginning of the trail was through a wide open space.

Followed by a grassy plain

We picked some wild berries along the way and munched on some.

Soon after, we walked through a dried up river bed.

As we went further inland, the earth turned softer and into a deeper red clay.

We walked on the riverbed which later on led to a rockier trail, and bigger boulders.

It started to get a little difficult navigating through the rocky trail especially when we approached the spot where the water from the waterfalls source started to flow.

Nagsasa Waterfalls

Before we could get to the falls, we had to endure a brief exercise in rock climbing as well.

But ultimately,  the sight of the Nagsasa waterfalls was all worth the sweat, the slips, the stress and the muscle strains.

The cool black waters more than refreshed and rejuvenated us.In no time, our energy levels soared back up and we readied ourselves for the hour-long return trek to camp and for our island-hopping adventure scheduled to occupy the rest of the day.

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