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The Great Summer Escape Pt. 1: Malapascua Island

April 14 – 16, 2012

It was Malapascua or bust for this summer together with my friend Bart who was flying in from Manila.  We came up with a beach-bound itinerary with an intent to also see another gem of an island about 2 hours from Malapascua which I’ve been reading about, for weeks now (Kalanggaman Island–please see next post).

Malapascua is a pretty popular summer destination so I thought it wise to pre-book our accommodations online through agoda.com for 2 nights at Hippocampus Resort (scientific name for the seahorse). I didn’t want to take a chance and not have a place to stay while we were there.


The island has an “almost-Boracay” feel to it, minus the over-commercialization. It’s beachfront establishments are mostly owned and run by foreigners and do serve good food for a price. What my friend  and I liked most was of course, Happy Hour–which starts at 4:00pm.


Because Malapascua is still considerably a small island, regardless of it’s popularity with tourists especially in the summer, the island still holds the romance of an island get-away. The tourists generally stay out of each other’s way. I easily forgot about my worries, lounging my thoughts away on a bean bag by the beach over Happy Hour.

How To Get There

The island is part of the Municipality of Daan Bantayan in the province of Cebu. Getting there from Cebu City requires a reasonable amount of perseverance and patience since the trip entails a 4-5 hour-bus ride. Here’s the 411 on getting there.

1. The starting point of your trip should be Cebu City’s North Bus Terminal. There are 2 modes of transport to get you to Maya:

a. Ceres Bus bound for “Bogo-Maya” – Bus fare is about Php163.00/pax for a non-airconditioned trip as of press time.

b. V-hires for Php200.00/pax – We took a V-hire for Php200.00/pax thinking the ride would be more comfortable only to be proven wrong as the heat sweltered  inside since the van’s AC was not strong enough for the summer heat. So if you decide to ride the V-hire, choose a newer looking unit and be sure of the AC to get our fares’ worth.

2. Once you get to the Maya, the northernmost Baranggay on the island of Cebu, you’ll see a jetty where you can get a boat ride to Malapascua Island. From Maya the boat ride is about 30 minutes to 45 mins (depending on the waves) for Php.80.00/pax. Be warned however, the boat trips to Malapascua are not regular and depend on whether there would be enough passengers to and from the island. Special trips to get you across would cost about Php1,500.


1. There is generally no electricity on the island, so if you will be staying @ budget hotels, make sure to bring insect repellents. There are however, hotels that do have their own generators.

2. Stock up on drinking water in your room.

3. Learn to haggle with the boat rides. Esp. with the trips to and from the mainland. The trips don’t have a regular schedule as it is dependent on the the number of passengers.

4. If crossing islands, choose bigger/sturdier boats, the waves get bigger in the afternoons.

5. Make sure to pack up an ample supply of sun screen–and to pack LIGHT. You wouldn’t want your Backpack straps to be digging in to your sunburnt shoulders when it’s time to travel back home.

6. Don’t be afraid to explore the island. There are so many exciting things you can do: Cliff diving, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving. island-hopping, etc…

7. If you do go for online hotel reservations, you might want to pick the ones with breakfast included. We enjoyed our inclusive breakfast at Hippocampus (although they seem to take a longer time to serve locals over foreigners, or maybe we were just uber famished…)

8. Lastly, relax. Enjoy your vacation!

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New Jersey, New York

August 2002

View of the Statue of Liberty from Liberty Island

Image via Wikipedia


Herald Square

Ground Zero

Times Square

New York Public Library

Grand Central Station

New York Stock Exchange

Battery Park

Wall Street

Madison Square Garden

Central Park

Rainbow Room Rockefeller Center

Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty

Empire State Bldg.

Trump Tower

New York Subways

canal street

Getting a makeover @ Macy’s

yellow cabs

New York University

Washington Square

Saks Fifth Avenue

Yonkers: Recording my single with Producer Archie Dairocas


Horse Rides, Volcano Craters and some Pine Breeze

Location: Makati City, Tagaytay City, Batangas, Baguio City

March 2 – 6, 2011


Day 1:
– Getting picked up at the airport in a red topdown BMW. lol! (thanks Kuya Mark!)
– Wee Nam Kee @Ayala Triangle
– Greenhills
– CPK @ Greenbelt

Day 2: Tagaytay City/ Batangas
– People’s Park/Palace in the Sky
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
– Lunch @ Buon Giorno, Cliffhouse
Taal Volcano

Day 3:
– Star City
– I am Number 4 on IMAX, MOA

Day 4: Baguio City
(official anthem for the trip: We Like to Party by the Vengaboys. Courtesy of Mitch. LMAO!)
-Camp John Hay
– The Commissary (and spotting President Noynoy shopping in the area…)

– The PerfectEST Starbucks Experience
– Dinner (bagnets!) and beautiful music @ Forest House
– Midnight cruise around Teacher’s Camp, cemeteries
– RedLion and their peanut butter ribs

Day 5:
– Breakfast and loungin’ @ The Manor
– Giddy shopping @ Comissary
– Cafe by the Ruins
– Folk Dancing, bonding with animals and dinner @ Mother’s Garden

*Most pics taken with Bart’s G12

Countless thanks to Kuya Mark, Ate Jammy, Mitchie and my very own Brat. Great to have met Zanya, JR and Kikoy. To say that I had a FABULOUS time would be such a disgraceful understatement.

Yours Truly,
The Willing Kidnap Victim 🙂

Dusk and A Day in Dakak

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Jan 6 – 8, 2011
Happy Birthday Master Beh. Thank you very much to you and Van. Thank you for buying me plane tickets to Dapitan. Although I missed my flight.
Ahem. (Sorry!  That was my bad…).

Should this be the last time we get to spend with each other before you guys leave, let the pictures remind you of someone who would would still brave more than 12 hours of a boat ride by herself to get to you. hahaha 🙂 In other words, don’t forget I will always be there.

I will never forget Van’s facial expressions and reactions inside the Horror House. Neither will I forget Master’s all-too-neurotic jitters as we line up for the roller coaster ride. I’ll miss driving you home Van.

I’m always just just an email away (or FB message–if you can find proxy).

But, until we’re back together  for another adventure,

let the good times roll!

Love Always,


Beh, wala’y ing-ani sa China. Tan-awa pud ang letter “H”…para jud na nimu 🙂 Just sayin’. ;P