Soaked and Sunkissed in Scenic Zambales Pt. 3

Following the trek to Nagsasa Waterfalls and a short but sweet dip in the waters of Nagsasa Cove, we set out for our island-hopping itinerary for the day. Anawangin Cove was going to be our first stop, followed by lunch at Capones Island ending the day with a visit to neighboring Camara Island.

Anawangin Cove

Since it was a weekend marking the end of Summer, Anawangin Cove was packed as expected. We were glad to have spent the night in Nagsasa instead.

Today, when you look at Anawangin and the intriguing combination of pine trees and fine, glittering ash-colored sand on the beach and the majestic mountains embracing the cove,  you’d be amazed to find that prior to the Mt. Pinatubo eruption this was not the scene you would have beheld.

As was narrated by the locals, this part of Zambales facing the South China Sea was a rock-laden coast which was supposedly filled with mangroves. I like the way one blogger looked at the entire event saying that the Mt. Pinatubo eruption was Nature’s way of “redecorating”.

Anawangin has a lusher field of pine trees.

We clambered up the rocks on the eastern side of the cove and had an impromptu photo shoot. On closer inspection, I found that the rock cliffs were mostly granite (yes the ones that end up as counter tops in your kitchens). With it’s rock cliffs and treacherous undercurrents, I see how much Anawangin lives up to being a “dangerous beauty”.

Capones Island

We reached Capones Island in time for lunch. The island is nothing short of spectacular with its fine, white sand beach and beautiful rock formations. It seemed that this island was spared Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption being located a little way away from the mainland.

Capones Island in the distance

I wanted to capture how clear the water was and how its hue blended together with the cloudy skies and mountain silhouettes like pastel crayon colors smudged together.

While most beach combers shied away from the sun’s glare and heat by running to the nearest tree for shade, the fearless Good Vibes Crew braved the scorching sun and even laid down a picnic blanket (courtesy of Makati Prime Tower Suites. Lol!) where we could set our food for lunch.

We lingered on the island for a good hour and waded in the waters. It was too bad we didn’t have the energy nor time to have navigated through the rocky edges of the island to get to the other side and see the lighthouse.

One thing I had noticed though was that the island was becoming littered with tourist trash. I wish people would make a conscious effort to keep from littering. Capones does not have an entrance fee unlike Nagsasa Cove and Anawangin Cove, which means that there are no maintenance committees tasked to clean up after tourists. From other travelers I’ve met who have been here, our observations were similar. Hopefully, awareness will be raised in regards to this and San Antonio local government would put up regulations to protect Capones.

Camara Island
Camara Island is the smallest one among the islands we went to. Initially we had agreed amongst ourselves that we were only going to take pictures then leave. But when we got there, the island’s turquoise waters were so inviting we couldn’t resist another dip.
This was our last stop for the day. On cue, our cameras’ shut down just in time as if it knew the last few moments on Camara would conclude this adventure.

Post Script:
Big Ups to the following. Piox Romance for the tent, Ms. Holder for the travel tips, Jawoo for the (Daisy and Randy) island-hopping contacts, Daisy and Randy for the boat transfers and shower facilities, Butch and Laling for the accommodations and assistance in Nagsasa. Shouts out to Jimmy (thank you for being a tireless photographer), Merce, Chas (thank you for your camera!), Ms. Elleane, Henry, Don, Steph and Ervin for joining me in this adventure and for helping me make this real. Looking forward to the next one. 

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