About Me

“Not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek Truth, beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image…”

– MonaLisa Smile

To my Readers/Followers/Fellow Stumblers/Stalkers/(even Haters) and everyone-in-between,

 I could never stay in one place for a very long time. Countless snapshots of my trips just don’t seem to be enough of a testimonial to my colorful adventures. So, in an effort to salvage as much memories of trips I’ve had and those that I will be having moving forward, I thought it best to document my travels as dilligently as I possibly can. No matter if it would simply be a bus ride to the next couple of towns over my weekend or an intercontinental excursion (which I am hoping to have more of…soon!). Along the way I have picked up many things–some useless facts here and some valuable wisdom there–which I’d be honored and happy to share with everyone.

I’ve also realized that gradually, as I cross out more destinations on my list of places to go, my agendas behind each trip evolve and lean more towards joining advocacies and raising awareness towards pressing environmental issues and the understanding of cultural differences. Perhaps I’ve uncovered my purpose. Perhaps I’m just going through a phase.

Either way, this is NOT going to be just another Travel Blog.

It’s a chronicle of my attempts at quenching my insatiable nomadic thirst–accounts of my adventures before the diagnosis, and my own acceptance of my pre-existing, chronic condition known as ‘Vacationitis’ . I will be including all the pictures/visuals I could find of trips that happened before the the Dawn of the Digital Camera and the Birth of the Blogosphere (RetroVault). The lucid moments in between the insanity of Wanderlusting will also be documented (When not on the Road).

As per the Travbuddy and Lakbay Maps below, I guess you could say I’m still a Novice Nomad (3% of the World only?! Whaaat?! “C-” on Lakbay?! Seriously?!). So I guess over time, I’m hoping to update the maps belowand then maybe, just maybe, ultimately trot across the Globe as if I were a true-blue Global Citizen.

So come join me!

Pack light, sit tight and enjoy the ride!


-The Chronic Vacacionista


My Lakbayan grade is C-!

 Created by Eugene Villar.

The Chronic Vacacionista has covered 5% of the globe.



1993: Metro Manila, Baguio City

1996: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

1999: Singapore

2000: Metro Manila

2001: TX, NY, NJ

2003: Badian Is. Resort

2004: Badian

2005: Moalboal

2006: San Remigio, Batasan Is. Bohol, Bantayan Island, Los Angeles, San Francisco

2007: Bohol, Santander,

2008: Bantayan Island, Camotes

2009: Bantayan Island, Manila

The recent travels following above are the ones in Journal:

2010: Bantayan, Alegria,  Boracay, Santander, Hongkong, Manila

2011: Dakak, Alcoy, Manila, Tagaytay City, Baguio City, Kota Kinabalu, in Sabah, Malaysia

2012: Iloilo City, Pandanon Is., Malapascua Is., Kalnggaman Is. Intramuros, Manila

2013: Apo Is. Dumaguete, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Thailand

On my wishlist for the current year:

Kuala Lumpur, (sidetrip Bali, Indonesia)

Palawan: Coron, Busuanga

Sagada Mountains

Siquijor, Apo Island

Anawangin Cove, Zambales

Hmmm…9 months more to go until this year comes to a close. So now all I hafta do is figure out where to get all the resources to fund all these trips. “Goodluck to me” is all I can say. Will be keeping my fingers AND toes crossed should it help any. :)

Update as of March 27, 2013: Wishlist or no wishlist, I will go where my feet (and pockets) will take me.


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