Torn Between Two Lenses

   Even at just 4 months into this year,  I am almost convinced that 2011 is going to be my year. It seems the universe has conspired to make that happen especially with  the recent developments on the career front which will make it very conducive for me to reach the places on my wishlist.

    But before I even start to plan the next trips, I’ve been thinking of upgrading my handy little point and shoot to something that would take better-quality pictures. No, I’m not going to get a DSLR (like what everyone seems to be doing around here even if they’ve never heard of the words “aperture” and “shutter speed“) because I always try to pack light and I hate having to carry bulky, auxiliary items. And no, I don’t want some super-digital, super-compact, over-hyped and overpriced little gadget. I wanted to look into a semi-pro that would be capable of delivering sharp pictures almost close to an SLR.

    So, after doing some homework and by process of elimination, I slimmed the choices down to the  final 2 contenders competing for the honor of a space in my backpack:

Now all I have to do is decide. Check back soon to know which one’s the winner.

*image source: Google | Thanks to for the drops.

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