An Audible Treat

*image courtesy of Google

“…I like my beats fast and my bass down low…” 

 – Bass Down LowDev ft. The Cataracs

Got me a pair of new buds for more rockin’ thuds just a couple of weeks ago. I felt that my current pair are about to reach retirable age and it was sheer luck that Republic in Pasong Tamo Ext. had their Skullcandy  stocks on sale.

*image courtesy of Badon Crisologo

We all kind of went a little berserk with the drop in prices and felt the need to sift through the boxes for the best pair that would suit each of us. Mad props to the store’s manager for graciously bearing with us while we were at it. lol!

*image courtesy of Badon Crisologo

As for myself, I took home the hot pink Asym pair with a lovely nylon, shell case and have not looked back since. With these, you get ultra clean, crisp sounds, you wouldn’t want to take them off.

sweet skullcandy treat

An acquaintance had once asked if I loved music. I said “no”. Simply because to say that you love music would be tantamount to saying you love the air that you breathe: you don’t just love it, you can’t live without it. Any audiophile would have the same sentiments no doubt. And this little instrument here? Well,I really just wanted to enhance my “breathing” experience. 😉

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