Iloilo City: Dinagyang Festival 2012


rmed with our media passes and lenses, two of my friends and I hit the streets of Iloilo City as early as 8:00 AM. The city was alive and the locals took to the streets with a sense of excitement which fast became a contagion. We proceeded to Stage 4 at the Iloilo City Sports Complex and claimed our spots favorable to a good view of the tribes’ performances.

This was my first Dinagyang experience and as soon as the drumbeats summoned the entrance of the Tribe Paghidaet which was first to perform, I felt my eyes  get misty in awe of the spectacle and the overwhelming exodus of colors.

There were 13 tribes all in all and the dancing wrapped up in just a little above 3 hours. All the performances yielded applause though none had more of it than the Dinagyang 2012 Festival Winner, Tribu Pan-ay, which unanimously got standing ovations from all 4 stages and left the audience stunned with their jaw-dropping performance inspired by the Philippine Eagle. I was lucky to have been able to capture their performance on video:


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