Alcoy: Soul-squeezin’ in the South

January 8 – 9, 2011

♪♫ …Where I go I just don’t know, I got to, got to, gotta take it slow…♫ ♪

Less than 48 hours from the end of my Dakak adventure I am again on the road. This time, I am reunited with my 2 most favorite girls in the whole wide world.

With Raven all gased up and all provisions ready and loaded, we set out for the South with a pit stop in Car-car for some good old Lechon and BIG-ass “puso”.

With a trunkful of laughs on the way and a bag full of bloopers, we get to our Final Destination which was nothing short of sweet. We had originally planned to go to Tingko Beach but found a wonderful surprise in the form of its neighboring resort which had recently opened its doors to guests. I can’t remember the name of the gated resort too well I’m afraid since it sounded foreign but it IS just right beside Tingko Beach. Apparently the resort’s American owner who married a Filipina hails from Hawaii and patterned the beach huts after the ones in Hawaii. The spacious huts are uniquely built on top of the rocks on the beach’ shores although if one would opt to have a little more privacy and comfort, the resort does have about 3 zen-inspired rooms that go for about Php4500/night.

We were greeted at the gates by “Bingkoy” the monkey, an endearing little fella who is stationed just right by the resort’s entrance. Weather was a little unpredictable with some episodes of drizzle and gray skies as twilight rolled in. This day trip  turned out to be an all-nighter as we decided to stay the night and head back home in the morning.

This was a perfect spot to wait for the sunrise too. We sat cross-legged by the shore, waiting for the first bursts of light  heralding a brand new day.

All too soon we were homebound with pit-stops in Argao to get some Tortas for pasalubong.


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