Manila: Up, Close and Personal

I‘d like to see Manila with a fresh perspective: maybe get a little more intimate with the city and explore more than what meets a transient’s eye.  I think I’ve seen and done most touristy things with my trips there before. So I’ve come up with a list of new things to do while temporarily relocated to the metro for the next couple of months. The first group of items should be the easier ones to do over my weekends. The next one will need some detailed planning and deciding since they would involve an out of town trip and considerable travel time which might be a little bit of a constraint.

Street map of Manila, Philippines with points ...

List A:

  1. Binondo FoodWalk (Chinatown)
  2. Have my fortune told in Quiapo and Buy the camera @ Hidalgo Street.
  3. Go to church in Baclaran and visit the local market
  4.  Try Seafood Dampa
  5. Revisit Intramuros (join the Walking Tour of Carlos Celdran) and visit The Manila Cathedral
  6. Visit the CCP and also look for contemporary Filipino Art
  7. Check out the Museum
  8. Volunteer for a day for Gawad Kalinga and help build a home; Visit Payatas
  9. Book tickets for Cirque du Soleil: the Greatest Circus on the Planet (The show will not be until June/July)
  10. Just maybe chill with my girls at Bonifacio Highstreet.

List B:

  1. Go to Pagudpud Beach, Ilocos
  2. Tree Top adventure in Subic
  3. Anawangin Cove/Nagsasa Is., Zambales
  4. Legazpi: Mayon Volcano
  5. Palawan: Coron/Busuanga/El Nido
  6. Go on a tour of Bataan Corregidor: Dambana ng Kagitingan
  7. Pangasinan: 100 Islands
  8. Sagada/Banaue Rice Terraces
  9. Vigan/La Union
  10. Caramoan?
That’s all that I could think of for now. If you have some ideas, I sure would like to hear them. And before I sign off for the day and also because I’m such in a random mood today, I leave you with our very homegrown Cebuano talent and their fitting song for the first of my summer which I will be spending at a place where “city lights shine like diamonds”.  Enjoy!

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2 responses to “Manila: Up, Close and Personal

  • The Background Story

    How about Laguna? Shoot the rapids at Pagsanjan Falls, then visit towns like Paete, Pakil/Pangil, to see some arts (wood carving, paper mache). Check out footwear at Liliw Laguna (where you can get shoes for 250-350PhP; mall price at 700 above) 🙂

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