Barili: Chasing Pavements & Waterfalls

Another action-packed Saturday has been conquered with a  1.5  – 2 hour drive to the Municipality of Barili together with friends from work. Coincidentally, we were joined by Max, our trainer from Manila and since it was his first time to venture out of the city, I thought it a great idea for him to experience some of what Cebu has to offer. Our convoy of 2 vehicles drove out to the South of Cebu right after our shifts so we could make it to our first stop in Car-car just time for lunch.

Car-car Public Market 

Car-car has always been known for their flavorful lechon (roasted pork) and as soon as you stepped into the Lechon section of the public market, you’d be delighted to see them in all their mouth-watering goodness. The market also sells puso (“hanging-rice”, rice encased in coconut leaves that have been woven together into a diamond shape), plus a variety of local dishes.

Fresh, crispy Carcar lechon

Max at one of the Lechon Stalls

The market offers more than just lechon

Raf with the puso

Local food: "inun-unan", etc...

After buying some food for lunch, we made a quick stop at one of the chicharon (pork rind) stalls so we could all get pasalubong to take home. We hit the road soon after but had to stop for photo ops and “vehicular bloopers” when we passed by a refreshing, wooded section of the Guadalupe road.

Roadside Comic Relief

My fellow Weekend Warriors

Causing a ruckus in an attempt at being a mechanic. lol.

Jimmy also pointed out bibingka stalls by the road near the Mantalongon Public Market. Apparently the place is known for this delicacy so we decided to get some for dessert too.

Excellent Bibingkas

Molave Milk Station

We finally got to the Milk Station that I have read so much about and I wasn’t disappointed. In its simplicity, I thought it would be a very welcome addition to the list of possible chill-out places in Cebu on a weekend. The cow’s milk and home-made ice cream was an excellent treat too.

Fresh Cows Milk for the Dairy fans

Chillin' at the Station

Milk Station also has food on their menu at reasonable prices. If not a destination, this spot would make a refreshing pit stop on a drive to the South.

Mantayupan Falls

It’s surprising how underrated Barili’s main tourist attraction is. It’s even more surprising that the highest waterfalls in the province of Cebu is only 61 km away from Cebu City and that I only came to see it now.

Mantayupan Falls boasts of 2 tiers. As you enter the gates and walk towards the sound of water falling, you will be greeted by 3 cascades from the 2nd tier which measure about 14 meters in height.

A sight to behold

Standing tall at a stately height of 98 meters

We climbed up the stairway leading to the 1st tier and was awed by a magnificent, 98 meter-tall waterfall. I had wanted to wade in its cool, pastel-green waters but since we had a sunset to catch, I ditched the idea and made a note to self about coming back.

Sayaw Beach

On the way to Sayaw Beach after a couple of hilarious events (we drove into somebody’s residence thinking it was the museum referred to by the banner near it–it was a huge colonial-style house), we stopped by a historic spot in Palalong:

Perhaps a monument could be erected instead to better mark this historical spot

A couple of minutes after getting back on the road, we got to our last stop for the day: Sayaw Beach. For a Saturday, the beach wasn’t crowded at all and we took our time in just relaxing and gazed at the still waters as we waited for the sunset.

The waters were very still, you could barely hear the gentle crashing of the waves

When the sky’s colors signaled sundown, much to our enjoyment, this last stop unwittingly transformed into a  photoshoot.

The Dynamic Duo: Raven and I @ SunDown, having conquered Barili.


*photos courtesy of Mr. Russel Capatoy ( and Mr. Max Coquia
**Thanks to for the drops

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