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Santander, Cebu: Sand Thunder

November 18 – 19, 2010

Location: Santander, Cebu

In true, beach-junkie fashion, this year, like some of the rest that preceded it, I just had to make sure to include a beach trip on my birthday-week itinerary.

The beach trip was an item on the list, true, but the destination was what we were undecided on. So fast-forward to the morning of November 18: we simply and unhesitatingly hopped on a South-bound Ceres bus with no destination in mind and got started on our adventure.

A couple of stops mid-way, we thought, “hell, why not go all the way?”. And so Santander it was! More pixes from Nikki’s fone comin’ soon…


S’mores and Safety-Nets

November 15 – 17, 2009

Location: Sugar Beach, Bantayan Is. and an islet (Sniffles Island) 30 minutes away from the shores of Sugar Beach,

S’mores, bonfires, A souped-up banka, rock lobsters, big-ass crabs for lunch and the island to ourselves. Cloud-gazing, lazing by the shore under a multitude of stars that seem to be within your reach against a velvety-black sky, countless shooting stars, theories, conversations, random thoughts, unguarded bursts of laughter, the comfortable silence of reverie and everything else that comes with the safety-net called Friendship. 🙂

Well, I cannot say just how blessed I am to have Sharee and Bart. Thank you for making sure my birthday was the best. I love you both! Mwah!

I still can’t get over how glorious that escape was to Bantayan and “Sniffles Island” [location undisclosed]. 26 raised to the power of “n”. Equals INFINITY. And that’s how grateful I am. This Siopao is way over the moon 🙂