Into the Fold of the Strange

Red wine and Rhymes

Venturing out of my comfort zone one dreary Sunday night, I took up a friend’s invite to join one of The Really Bad Poets’ poetry-reading sessions.

I was warmly welcomed into the fold of “strange-people” like I’ve found my own kind,  my Tribe.

I’ve never had my poems read out loud before, but with my friend Chai’s encouragement and the rest of the strange-folk’s warmth, I felt comfortable enough to read a couple of my PMS-induced, drama queen-ish, verses, I (sometimes, unwillingly) consider as poetry. It was quite fitting that the theme for the night was “Other Worlds” too, which my 2 poems could loosely relate to.

The background music for this one was Paul Anka's "Put Your Head on my Shoulder". Contrary to what the song might suggest, this Cebuano piece, styled as a mock-radio program poked fun at politics.

The session was laid-back and filled with beautiful verses in English and some in Cebuano. There were a number of humorous pieces while some verses romanced pathos. Some took poetry-reading to a higher level with jazz drum beats, tandem recital and free-style delivery. It was simply inspiring.

A perfectly executed tandem recital by Chai and Alex. I just had to ask if they rehearsed beforehand. They didn't.

I’m happy to have stepped out of my walls for a night and I have a feeling this won’t be the last they’ll see (or hear) of me. Thank you, Chai Fonacier and The Really Bad Poets. Until next time! 🙂


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