An Extreme Eco Adventure!

January 28, 2012

An out-of-the-ordinary experience, Danasan Eco Adventure Park, in Danao Municipality of Cebu, promises an all-natural high with a host of  activities that will get your blood pumping and test your will. Set in the mountains, the park’s serene and seemingly gentle landscape can be quite misleading. But then again, you’ve got to remember that it’s the action you’re coming here for. 🙂


 Please be forewarned, if you do decide to come here, that this is not for the faint-hearted. It’s also best to  pack the following for a day trip:

1. Extra dry clothes

2. Waterproof/shockproof camera OR a waterproof pack for your cellphones/cameras

3. Good footwear: flimsy beach flipflops will not be a good idea especially if the weather is wet and damp since the ground will be very slippery and muddy.

4. Pain Relievers to take at the end of the day: a full experience of the park’s awesomeness comes with a guarantee of muscle aches, bruises here and there, body pains and a good share of mud on your hair and clothes, so it’s best to be ready!

5. Lots of energy.

Here are some of the activities I tried:


Tyrolean: push your limits and enjoy the rush!


This authentic John Deere tractor will ferry you  from the entrance/restaurant to your adventure destinations such as the waterfalls, the caves or the water park. This ride only looks gentle–wait until you try going through DEEP tire tracks in the mud and have the tractor throw you around the compartment like a ragdoll.

No waterfall-jumps this time, so I decided to rappel down the waterfall instead.


I don’t think the ATV ride would have been as much fun as it was, if it had been sunny and dry that day. The dirt and the mud had to be the key elements!

This park is the first of it’s kind in Cebu and I’m sure it has extreme-adventure enthusiasts excited. The park adventure was a great way to get together with a new team and it made breaking the ice a little less awkward and a little more fun and spontaneous. There’s a lot for everybody to do: wake-boarding, horse-riding, trekking, spelunking (beginner’s and advanced level) and as a matter of fact, you could stay overnight in their accommodations.

For more information, you can drop by their website (link is above) and check out other activities they have going on.


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