Dusk and A Day in Dakak

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Jan 6 – 8, 2011
Happy Birthday Master Beh. Thank you very much to you and Van. Thank you for buying me plane tickets to Dapitan. Although I missed my flight.
Ahem. (Sorry!  That was my bad…).

Should this be the last time we get to spend with each other before you guys leave, let the pictures remind you of someone who would would still brave more than 12 hours of a boat ride by herself to get to you. hahaha 🙂 In other words, don’t forget I will always be there.

I will never forget Van’s facial expressions and reactions inside the Horror House. Neither will I forget Master’s all-too-neurotic jitters as we line up for the roller coaster ride. I’ll miss driving you home Van.

I’m always just just an email away (or FB message–if you can find proxy).

But, until we’re back together  for another adventure,

let the good times roll!

Love Always,


Beh, wala’y ing-ani sa China. Tan-awa pud ang letter “H”…para jud na nimu 🙂 Just sayin’. ;P




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