Pandanon Island: An April Fools’ Adventure

I was assigned to a new team at work and with our fabulous group dynamics, we thought we’d go hopping around the island on our very first Team Outing.

We assembled at Boyla Hotel in Maribago and set off to our first stop in Hilutungan Island for some snorkelling and then soaked up some sun at Pandanon Island stopping by the waters around Caohagan Islet (which was thwarted by a jellyfish exodus) by afternoon before heading back to the mainland. This won’t be my first time in Pandanon, but I’ll never be one to pass up an opportunity to visit again.

Pandanon Island, which is already within the bounds of Bohol, is just about 45 minutes from the dock at the Boyla Dive Center by boat. Entrance fee to the island as of this post is Php150.00/pax, exclusive of the cost of the island-hopping package which was about Php5,000 for a 20-person boat. The beach huts are also an additional Php250.00 for the day. I haven’t heard of overnight stays on this island as yet and they are probably not encouraged as there is no electricity on this little sanctuary.

There are designated grilling stations on Pandanon which is why we decided to have lunch there. Depending on your arrangements with the boatmen, you can have them wait on you until you’re ready to hop on to the next island of your choice.


The day went by beautifully with our slightly-browned skins–blissful to have had our sun and sand fix this summer.

If you would like to contact Boyla Dive Center for their affordable island-hopping rates, you may call +63 32 492 1823. I had initially made arrangement with another “banca-cruise” specialist but found their rates much too steep, leading me to look further into the island-hopping circuit.


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