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Southern RnR

Alcoy was last week’s destination for some well-deserved RnR. We stayed at Voda Krasna which was previously, Kai Nani Pointe. Christine Dormeli was such a gracious host and offered us the spacious and elegant suite room for a discounted price with breakfast included which we took right away.

Cool, relaxing waters of Alcoy

The weather forecast talked about thunderstorms for the weekend but was inaccurate, thankfully.


On the way back home after a lunch stop a little past Alcoy, we found a little fishing place where they served grilled panga (tuna jaws) and grilled squid.


The drive back was also pleasant if not for some road repairs which remind me that I am still keeping my fingers crossed for the preservation of Cebu South’s centuries-old trees.

Good old RnR it definitely was. Just another reason why I live for the weekends. 🙂