Earth Hour and Beyond



‘m sad I wasn’t able to make it for the Earth Hour celebrations last night. I had to be at work. I had wanted to suggest that we turn off all the building lights for an hour in observance of the global event but I didn’t think our management would appreciate that very much. Clients might pounce  on them for Productivity and Lost Hours. Sigh. Capitalism.

In any case, the message of Earth Hour is really not just about those annual, 60 measly minutes of you turning off all appliances and unplugging your gadgets while the globe switches off the lights, time zone after time zone–it’s more than that: we ought to realize that this event is meant to be a reminder for us to go beyond the hour.

There are 365 days in a calendar year.

There are 24 hours in a day.

In one year there are 8,760 hours.

So last night, as some of you willingly missed an episode of your favorite soap and turned off your idiot-boxes for an hour in honor of sweet old Mother Earth, I am hoping that you realized that it was just 1.14 % of your time in a year. Did you think about the rest of the 8,759 hours of your year? If you did, then, there may be hope for us yet. If you didn’t, then maybe you should think about it now.

So, why not turn off the radio as you go to the other room? Switch off the porch lights when you pick the paper up in morning. Opt for open windows over the AC on cold summer nights. Unplug the fridge before going on a short vacation.

Let’s unite to unplug every chance we get. Go beyond the Hour.




*Thanks to Jessica Hische of for the lovely Drops.



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